The first one.

Alright, so.

I’ve attempted at keeping a blog for much of my 16 years in SL and have not been successful in staying consistent. I started SL in my 20s, and if you’ve experienced your 20s you know that it’s not really a time where much of anything is consistent. Things always change, and grow, and help you to become the adult you’d like to be, at least for that moment.

In my last year of my 30s, I feel like I’m in a good place to start consistently sharing my voice and Second Life. I’ve experienced so much life in this virtual world- some beautiful parts, some hurtful ones, but all experiences that have shaped my worldview and understanding of the human condition in some way. This blog will be my peaceful introduction to blogging, my travel journal, my diary, and my portfolio. Sometimes I’ll post about things I’ve experienced, other times about things I’ve built. Sometimes I’ll post about nothing at all, or everything at once.

My goal is to live a good life in SL, and my goal for this blog is to share a life well lived. Welcome. ♥