There’s something in the air that evokes a feeling of renewal this season. Whether it’s the overwhelming sensation of blooming, or the feeling of the sun through the virtual clouds, it’s always refreshing to welcome the energies of spring in SL. Each season, I take time to visit the places that send my imagination into my avatar’s senses, diving deep into the joy of the sights, sounds, and smells that a place evokes.

Today, I visited LeLoo’s World’s Spring Fling region, filled with color and vibrant flowers around. An invitation from the Shutterbug Club with The Nature Collective, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at unedited pictures of beautiful natural locations. I love finding events where I can share a moment with others and alone, feeling camaraderie in that activity.

As I closed my real-life eyes and listened to the virtual sounds, I could hear dragonflies zipping about, birds calling to each other in the distance, and the faint sound of a waterfall, even further out. As I looked around, yellow, and pink, and greens of all intensity filled the space, with rock formations and rolling fields, interesting statues and curious displays. I could feel the sun through clouds and could even catch a faint energetic whiff of fragrant lavender, which grew in front of me.

Diving into my senses when traveling the world helps a part of me truly visit that location and sit in a meditative state while allowing myself to be present in the moment. Taking in all of the creativity shared to express that moment helps me to sit in a deep sense of gratitude for the creators that share their time and talent with the grid. I value the time spent manifesting peace and visiting the external expressions of a season that represents change and beauty, and honor the creatives that share with all.

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