Special delivery.

When I’m not exploring, building, or cultivating community, I often like to start or engage in spontaneous roleplay. Whether I’m a My Litte Pony character or alien engaged in interstellar missions, I find my way to scenarios that tap into joy and my creative flow.

Today and every Friday after 3pm SLT, I turn into a pizza delivery driver, delivering fresh hot pizza to neighbors in Corsica. At Mainland Pizza, you can place an order for various items, and have them delivered instantly, for pick up at a store location, or via in-person delivery! It’s a fun way to engage with fellow residents in short bites, and find a new friend while exploring mainland (and eating yummy pizza).

In my pizza delivery roleplay, I use the Pizza HUD system to engage folks stopping by the store or in deliveries, offering them pizza and snacks as we visit. This quick bit of roleplay not only allows me to meet new friends, but to enjoy moments spent outside of my ‘building headspace’ to connect with the people who interact with my spaces. It’s humbling to be able to meet the folks who believe in my work enough to visit, and fun to engage with them in an experience that adds to their SLives.

If you’re in the area, stop by for a pizza!

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