Dog Days.

I love dogs. My first memory of having a dog in the real world was a tiny golden lab I received for Christmas when I was around 7 or 8, found under our Christmas tree in a little red bow. The love that I felt in that moment, embracing and meeting the pup for the first time, is the same deep love I felt when I met my first Teegle dogs.

Teegle’s dogs are a new line that released during this year’s Fantasy Faire and were a highly anticipated addition to the Teegle collection. A cute, furry companion, the animesh dog can walk with you on a leash or hang around your home and be your best friend. You can take them on adventures with your horses, hang at a dog park, and more! I’d been wanting to have a companion and emotional support pup along with me for my travels around the mainland, and have found Nina, my new Rottweiler princess, to be such a joy to have around.

I had the beautiful opportunity to be a part of the Teegle commercial cast and appreciate the creativity that the brand brings to the grid. Thank you for sharing my new forever friend with me!

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  1. I cannot with how cute the main photo is with this blog post. Also, I am absolutely loving my Teegle dog. I look forward to all of the updates and new doggos coming in the future!

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