Lately, I’ve been diligently working on building my first collaborative community, Dulla Centre.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years of building on and for mainland is that building inroads to connection and communication are both important in fostering a cohesive space. As I move to create an area that all will enjoy, it’s the connecting points of creativity, intention, joy, and fun that helps the space I’m creating really resonate with those surrounding it.

The featured pic is the literal connection point for Dulla Centre and the Lone Tree Yoga Studio– Emmalee Evergarden (hero to bees and the creator of The Nature Collective, What the Buzz, and co-creator of the Mainland Community Alliance) contributed land space and a beautiful yoga studio and meditation garden here, inspired by the creativity of the area. It was our connection that helped for this creativity to grow, that in essence helped our community to flourish. When she approached me with ideas about ways to contribute to our modern industrial community, it was our exuberant communication and sense of connecting with the area, theme, and intention that helped Lone Tree to come about.

Building community in this way, prioritizing connections and communication, has been a joyful practice and process so far. Making sure that the needs and desires of future and ongoing community members are met through finding connection points and ways to effectively communicate our ‘wants’ has so far led to one of my absolutely favorite builds so far, and I look forward to how our collective space grows.

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