Community Peace.

One of the things I’ve found to be healing is participating in crafting and community roleplay. I’m grateful to own a farm near Ciampi, a relaxing Italian village in Heterocera, and decided to take a trip up one day to see if the overflow of MyStory goods bursting from my virtual pockets could be of use to the villagers in town.

During my travel, I was able to spot a few ‘for lease’ signs on stores in the small town, and quickly secured space to share my goods. With Clyde my Friesan, pulling my wares to the shop, I happily unloaded the handcrafted pottery, art, and organic food items from my cart and set up in joy.

Riding my horse (or delivery cart, or other land vehicle/horse combination) from the farm I harvested and crafted from to a local community’s town square to then share the goods I made is such a peaceful roleplay, and I deeply appreciate experiences this I am able to have in mainland. They really stick with me!

Visit The Harmony Co., a local goods general store, in Ciampi today and get an energetic hug from a peaceful farmer and crafter.

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