About Me

Hey, I’m Soul (Soull Starlight in-world). I’ve been a SL resident since 2007, and in that time have experienced a number of real and second life-changing experiences that have shaped my understanding of the human condition. One of the reasons that SL is my favorite pastime is that I get to experience the entire world in one place, and learn of the passions, desires, and ambitions of humans when left unchecked with free will. It’s one of the unique experiences that have helped me to personally grow as a human – I started SL in my early 20’s and gained skills here that propelled my real life career.

In SL, I love to travel, create, and build community. I sometimes use SL as a manifestation of what I’d like to experience in my real world, and work through goals there to make it so. For instance, one of my biggest dreams is to own land in each part of the world, and in SL, owning a plot of land on each SL continent in some ways fills that desire and helps me to aspire to manifesting this sense of ownership in freedom in my real world. Oftentimes in SL you’ll find me tucked away building, on a resort space created by SL residents, hanging out with one of the many communities I contribute to, or driving around mainland. I also love finding meditative spots to discover, hunting LDPW landmarks, and growing flowers with Potted.

You can reach me at Soull Starlight in world, or via email at introverttings@gmail.com .